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The FTP storage

Usefulness of the FTP storage

A 5-Gigabyte storage space is assigned to each user account on the CCSD's FTP server. This facility is available for users to store files in any format. Your documents will be available in your FTP storage for a temporary up to a maximum of one month. The files being available in your storage will be automatically displayed when you make a deposit (See. Deposit > upload files). To view the files available in your FTP storage, go to "My Space/My documents in FTP Storage". To upload documents to you FTP storage, you need to install an FTP client on your computer. In the following, two applications are documented : Filezilla and FireFTP.

Setting up your FTP client with Filezilla

Once Filezilla has been installed, launch the program ET go to File/Site manager. This will open a new window :

filezilla software

To set up your FTP storage, click on "New Site" and fill in the displayed entry fields as follows : * Host : * Protocol : FTP – File Transfer Protocol * Encryption : Use explicit FTP over TLS if available * Logon Type : Ask for password * User/password : your CAS ID (HAL login)

Click on Connect.

filezilla login

Type the password for your user account (HAL account), and click on "OK".

filezilla certificate

Check this box: "Always trust this certificate during future sessions", and click "OK".

N.B: FileZilla will prompt you whether a connection to the host could established or not.

In case of non-functioning (message: "inaccessible network"), it is possible that the antivirus installed on your machine is the cause. Please configure your antivirus to not check ports 20 & 21. If necessary get closer to your IT department.

Uploading files to your FTP storage

The FileZilla interface is divided into 4 different areas :

filezilla different areas

  • Area 1 : Communication between FileZilla and the CCSD's server
  • Area 2 : The folders and files available on your computer
  • Area 3 : Your FTP storage on CCSD's server
  • Area 4 : Progress of your file transfer to your FTP storage

To upload a file, you need to pick it up for FileZilla's Area 2. Double-click on the file or drag-and-drop it from Area 2 to Area 3.

file transfer in filezilla

Have a look on FileZilla's Area 4 to see whether your transfer worked.

Setting up the client with FireFTP plugin


Mozilla has removed the support of FTP from its browser, FireFTP is no longer available for Firefox. It is recommended to use (web browser dereived from Firefox) to use FireFTP.