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Upload a Thesis

Before the beginning

Your deposit can be done via TEL portal or via HAL or via your establishment portal. Wherever you choose to upload your thesis, every thesis is visible in TEL. Your deposit must be done after your oral presentation and it is an obligation to upload the full text of your thesis.

The File(s) Your document must have a flyleaf with: the author, the title, the abstract, the name of the University, the date of the oral and the names of the members of the jury. You can deposit several documents if the thesis has different volumes. The file with the text has to be the main document: check that the right button is selected.

Format of the document

Format of your document

If your document has a confidential note, use the “commentary” field to inform the readers that your thesis is not confidential anymore.

commentary field


Document Metadata

The mandatory fields are reported by an asterisk: title, domain, abstract, key words, language of the document, day of the oral, the establishment providing the course and the thesis supervisor. Warning: titles, resume and key words must be fulfilled in two languages.

  • If you upload a thesis in French: write the fields in French and English. - If you upload a thesis in another language: fill the fields with the thesis language and in French or English (for the key words, write at least a key word in French)

The Specific Thesis Metadata

Establishment providing the course: begin to write the name of the establishment and click on yours.


Establishment providing the course

Doctoral School: Begin to write the name of your doctoral school and select it on the list. If the latter is not on the list, write the full name. Do not forget to click on “Add”

Doctoral School

Doctoral School

Author Metadata The author is the one who defended the thesis. The thesis supervisor is added into the metadata (see above). The affiliation corresponds to the establishment providing the course, the laboratory or the research team of the author. You can add several affiliations.

Deposit via STAR

Since 2016, the deposit of the doctoral thesis is electronic (see the articles 24 and 25 of the 25th may, 2016 decree about the issue of the doctoral national diploma) via STAR. The electronic thesis are archived in the CINES. They are also indexed into SUDOC and if the author agrees.

STAR offers (in an optional way) to transfer a thesis on TEL. The transfer is made as follows:

  • The author fills a document saying he agrees or not to post the thesis online. - The establishment providing the course posts the thesis on it intranet and/or on TEL and/or on the Abes website. The two options are not exclusive. The establishment must inform the author of the final decision to post a thesis.

The author can archive his/her work on TEL/HAL even if the establishment chooses TEL to post the document. The two options are compatible: the duplications are managed with a hierarchisation. The author archives the thesis whenever he wants after the oral presentation. If the establishment chooses TEL to post the document, STAR will also post the thesis: this deposit will be a second version and the mention “Version validated by the jury” will appear below the file.

Ex: The submission tel-00651991v2 : version 2 imported by STAR bears the mention “Version validated by the jury”. This version cannot be modified by the author who deposited version 1. The author has the statistics of consultations and downloads of the deposit, whatever the version.

Please note that the author can request the withdrawal of a thesis submitted via STAR by contacting his doctoral school or Abes directly at thelec(at) Indeed, the thesis submission via STAR sends the thesis on several platforms. If the thesis is deleted on HAL, it could remain referenced elsewhere. In case of deletion, the Abes takes care of the withdrawal on his side and contacts the CCSD for the withdrawal of HAL.