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Arxiv transfert

The transfer functionality is proposed at the end of the repository if:

  • it is a deposit with file(s)
  • the document type is compatible with arXiv (all HAL types except: patent, thesis, HDR, image, video, map, audio)
  • there is no arXiv identifier in the metadata (for a Version 1)

To transfer your document on arXiv, your submission needs to comply with the following conditions:

The document must have an abstract in English One of the chosen domain must be a sub-domain of arXiv Every file must weight < 3Mb and all together <= 10Mb If the pdf was generated with laTex, the sources must be submitted. If you use bibtex, you must submit the .bbl for arXiv

Completed conditions are indicated in green; those missing are marked in red.

The transfer is carried out when the deposit is put online in HAL. The repository is then moderated by the teams of arXiv before it is put online on the archive.


  • domain: choose a subdomain (arXiv does not accept a deposit with a root domain). Ex: select General Mathematics [math.GM] rather than Mathematics [math]. Special case of the subdomain Physics/Condensed matter [cond-mat] which is a root domain for arXiv. Hence a sub-subdomain HAL must be selected:

ArXiv's Subdomains

The correspondences of the arXiv domains are indicated in brackets.

  • abstract: must not contain LaTeX macros defined by a \newcommand. Verify in the last step that the summary is correct (no longer containing untranslated LaTeX commands highlighted in red)
  • file(s): all LaTeX source files must be uploaded (do not forget the image files). It is recommended to use the LaTeX compilation button to verify that HAL and then arXiv will have the necessary files:

LaTeX compilation

LaTeX compilation

Note: Updating metadata in a HAL deposit does not automatically update the deposit in ArXiv. To update automatically in ArXiv, a new version must be added to the HAL deposit.

arXiv does not provide document passwords on its database. Contact arXiv to get them: help(at) (messages must start with 'Dear arXiv,' to pass spam filters).


The arXiv endorsement system is described at this url :

Compilation LaTeX

HAL uses TeX Live 2016 (same version as arXiv) for the compilation of LaTeX files. Compilation is non-obligatory. It is strongly advised to check that the data sources are sufficient, but you can make the choice not to put all the sources.

Note: For an ArXiv transfer, the compilation must work. Compiling on HAL is a way to ensure that the ArXiv compilation will work, even though the two environments are different. If you are sure that your compilation is working and you are experiencing a problem on HAL, upload your pdf file and then skip the compilation step. The compilation is non obligatory, it does not block your deposit. On the other hand, if there is a problem, the transfer to arXiv can not be done.

The file to compile is the one with the .tex extension containing:

  • \begin{document}
  • or  \bye
  • or \end
  • or \documentstyle

LaTeX commands used to compile:

  • If a comment of the form:  %% -*- latex-command: XXX -*- is found with XXX is: latex, pdflatex, xelatex, tex, then the specified command will be selected.
  • If a file contains \includegraphics for a pdf,  png, gif or jpg file, then pdflatex will be used.
  • Idem for the commands includepdf and epsfig
  • If a file contains \pdfoutput=1, then pdflatex will be used.
  • If a file contains \bye or \end, then tex will be used.
  • By default, LaTex will be used.

Note that arXiv does not accept XeLa TeX compilation.

Recommendations to guarantee and facilitate the transfer to arXiv:

  • Bibliography: arXiv does not accept .bib files, only .bbl. If you upload an article with a .bib and no .bbl, use compilation on HAL to generate the .bbl file. Otherwise, you may have to provide the .bbl later.
  • Images processing: arXiv does not make autoconversion eps towards pdf. In the case of a required compilation in pdflatex, the image files must be given in pdf format. Attention: if you have autoconverted the images, the files are named xxx-converted-to.pdf. You must either rename the files or change the TeX file to include these files. Otherwise the compilation will be OK for HAL which accepts the autoconversion, but not on arXiv.
  • Preamble files: Some authors create a macro.tex file that they include in the main Tex file. In this case, the main file must be the one containing the line \documentclass {} . Otherwise, the compilation can not be done neither on HAL nor on arXiv.